The court will not consider the case of the burnt bikini, there are too many unknowns – Events – news of St. Petersburg


Pushkin district court did not consider the case of the burnt bikini client of the center of beauty and cosmetology “Moon garden”. Materials proceedings against the General Director of Marina Dolgosheeva returned to the Prosecutor’s office for revision. December 10, the city court upheld the decision of the previous instance without change, although the victim filed an appeal.

As reported by the United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg, the investigating authorities did not specify what her client was a danger of hair removal. In addition, the case was not expert opinion, making a statement of charges is controversial.

The beauty of “Moonlight” opened in the beginning of last year on the streets of Moscow in Pushkin. To attract customers entrepreneur on March 8 gave the distribution of discount coupons. The proposal used by 43-year-old yoga teacher on March 27 and made an appointment. She wanted to Refine the area of deep bikini and epilation your upper lip.

The client engaged cosmetologist Love Kartashov. The procedure was performed machine E-Light (EL-800) and lasted about fifty minutes. Client paid 2800 rubles, and departed, and two days later took the photos, which show damage to the pubis of the vulva and perianal region. She was diagnosed with burns of the 2nd degree, which are regarded as light injury. Treatment burns drugs they cost 357 rubles.

Client wrote “Fontanka”, demanded Dolgosheeva compensation of 250 thousand rubles, in April 2018, filed a lawsuit in the Pushkin court. But the civil case is not satisfied and said “Moon garden” to the authorities. In October were searched. Dolgosheeva was arrested December 16, but after a couple of hours after reading the publication “Fontanka” the investigation has changed the temper justice with mercy, and the businesswoman was released.

Dolgosheeva guilty of a crime under part 2 of article 238 of the criminal code, recognized. Asked to consider case in a special order without research of proofs.

Doctor Love Kartashov sentenced on 20 December to a fine of 50 thousand rubles. The court found that she carried out the procedure apparatus the use of which requires a medical license. March 27, she’s at the salon was absent and was received in a few days.