The creator of the phone the Test mobile phone for self-builders


Smartphones are now so ubiquitous that the majority of children are likely to grow in Germany, with the at least one device in the house. Against this Background, a number of projects to bring the kids right at the start of the program more closely, as well as a General understanding of the technology behind the mobile phone of concerns have emerged in the last few years.

The maker of the phone of Croatian Start-ups-circuit-measurement is one of these projects. Through the Project, the company has financed a phone on which the os is based on FreeRTOS and the Hardware uses an Arduino-compatible ESP32, the micro-controller. With the help of a special Software for a beginner to learn on, especially for the children, it is also quick and easy to the creator of the Apps on the phone. First of all, the cell needs to be built up, but still together…. he supported the campaign on Kickstarter at the time, and against a Pre-Assembly of a rate to be determined in accordance with the manufacturer phone, in person, as it is for you to share with us, arrived. The manufacturer is the model for the Rest of it under the name of Harrison, who is a Japanese Apple and a simple nod of the head to the Apple store. We have built up the cell phone and looked at us, and see what you can do about it.

The assembly includes a joint for the solder

“In a single called do not share” in the case of the manufacturer of the phone, that we really need to solder any capacitors, or the IC. The motherboard is already equipped with all of the small parts except for the Buttons and Joystick. In addition to this, there is a daughter board to the screen, you need to solder to both of the contact pins with the mother board. The Modem is a 2G, so it had to be decided, it must be connected to a welded contact in the line.

The job market

  1. Thier Touristik & Service GmbH, Features
  2. The black-and-services-KG, and the space in Neckarsulm

The majority of the work is to solder the Buttons to the keypad, and the buttons are from the control. For starters, it is more difficult, however, it should be the soldering of the contact pin rows, for the daughter boards. The circuit of measurements is the minimum age of the kit, it is 11 years old, it is recommended, however, not yet an adult, how to be a help. We consider this assessment to be realistic. As a General rule of thumb: anyone Who was not a soldier, however, you have to train with the help of the maker of the phone in his or her abilities.

The maker of the phone is a simple phone, the user would first need to build it together. (Image: Martin Wolf/ January

Once we get to welding on any heat-sensitive components, there is still a danger on the frontiers, for a very long time for a component with the soldering iron, in order to avoid any damage. However, the amateur should get a soldering iron with a fine point, which is small enough to be able to, at times, to have a little Solder points easy to set up. Basically, it’s a good weld, it is very important, and, of course, be a sponge for cleaning the tip of the time.

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