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For a short period of time, the information about the upcoming console, the Playstation 5 is shown with the retailer, Gamestop. The web site is on of the advertised Features. This is about the AMD Chip, with the Zen-and-2-the CPU and the GPU to allow ray tracing to be told.

Around Christmas time of this year, the Xbox Series, X, and the Playstation 5 will be available on the shelves. So far, Sony has only a few Details about the Hardware you need to look at, now a Gamestop listing for the game console. Of the time, summarize what is currently known. However, it is only through the Google Cache from the recovery site, and the PS5, games, and media you can play your Blu-ray drive, as well as for digital downloaded games can be played. It is also to be included in the package, it is also a Driver for the new one. At the time of the Rumble Feature for you to sit on the haptic Feedback, this will allow for a more realistic physical feedback between the PS5 Controller and the drive. In addition to this, the Trigger level of the PS5 controller that is adaptive for it to be. These can be made in a variety of ways to set.

In terms of Hardware, eight of Kerner, with 16 Segments on the Basis of AMD’s Zen-2 architecture is used. In conjunction with a GPU-enhanced ray tracing effects, they should be able to. According to the site, Gamestop, a user INTERFACE, the PS5 should be able to come up with a few innovative features. So, the players need to be able to see what is happening at the very beginning of the game, no. For this purpose, a function to show all the Multiplayer Games that are available, or that the single-player missions in the game are still up for grabs it’s all about.

AMD’s 8-core CPU, the Zen 2 is the ray-tracing effects and graphics

There is no mention in the features list on the Gamestop rumors of backward compatibility to the PS4-and-Play. Also, no further hardware, which have been reproduced in the data. The chief Financial Officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki hinted at during the announcement of the deal that you do not have to set a price for the sale. For the first time ever on a console, the so-called broadband is to be installed on the SSD. According to the rumors, this is supposed to be faster than the rival Xbox X Series, the Sony, on the other, which is propaganda, of the content in 8k UHD playback, and where, currently, it is unclear whether playing video games or just movies and TV shows are made out to be. In this case, the built-in AMD-B is sufficient for the drive. So, too, should be on the Playstation 5, is an eight-core cpu in the Zen 2 and the base is installed, similar to that of the Xbox Series of the X

It is not clear, however, how the built-in GPU. On the Xbox, the X Series will have a single GPU with 12 Teraflops, as Microsoft has recently made available to the public. In the case of the Playstation, the 5, however, the graphics chip should be about 10 Teraflops, more weak, and so the rumor mill. Microsoft has now confirmed that the processor’s eight cores will be integrated on the Zen 2, the architecture of the next Xbox.

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The Playstation 5 the-PC”: we’ll give you an overview of the Next Generation of consoles

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A collection of rumors going around in the news for Gamestop to PS5:

  • According to Gamestop, new Playstation 5 will be eight-Kerner CPU’s from AMD on the Basis of the first-2. In conjunction with the built-in GPU ray tracing-graphical effects must be turned on.
  • It has also announced a new PS5 Controller that depends on the haptic Feedback, and more realistic Force feedback to provide.
  • The PS5-down menu, there should be some new features. Such a view, in which you can see from that, Multiplayer Games are available, with the PS5-a user has released the title in question.
  • The Playstation 5 will come in time for Christmas trading.

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Source: Gamestop (via Google Cache)

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