The Final Fantasy 7 Demo, it has a alternate ending & so on, you can get it for


The Demo version of Final Fantasy 7, the Story includes a long end, and if you choose “correctly”.

Probably almost no-one had expected it yesterday, as well as a playable Demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PlayStation Store for any free of charge that are available to you. But that wasn’t the only Surprise is that Square Enix had on-hand.

Alternate ending in the Demo

For the following sections, the reasons for this is, of course, is a Warning, Spoiler for the Demo version of the game.

This is the alternate ending: After this, you will be the Boss, and then successfully ran away from the road, with the Spengung of the Mako reactor, has paid off. Then, there are a number of small clips from the game to see the show, and what you can expect afterwards.

However, after the Logo of the game is also a hidden ending sequence. For this, you can see the Teaser trailer for the iconic villain, Sephiroth, as he is surrounded by flames and turns into a Cloud.

So that you can get to the other end of theThose who have the Demo, played it through, it will be, perhaps, that I didn’t think too much about it. But before you fight the boss, you can set the Timer for the bomb, with the help of Mako reactor 1 blow.

You are brave, and select A 20-minute what is it at the end of the neck is short with Him. You don’t need to have any concern that it might be hard to do, because even the shortest amount of time would be enough to get out of the reactor.

And more to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In addition to the Demo, Square Enix has also announced that it is the full version of Final Fantasy 7, the Story has reached the Gold Status, and 10. It is the right time to appear. In addition to this, the more it was revealed to the Red XIII. the cool thing about THE buddy is on in the Story, unfortunately, is not the same player, but it’s controlled by the AI.