The games are no longer available in the Store


The PS Plus games can be downloaded from this day forward. The PS Plus games can be downloaded from this day forward.

When is PS Plus game for March available? From now on, you are in Shadow of The Colossus, and Sonic Strengths for the PS4, and without any additional cost from the PS Store to download the PS Plus subscribers.

What are your PlayStation Plus games in March 2020

Where can I find PS Plus to play games? When the March Games are on offer, you can find it in the PS Store under the title “PS Plus” and the “monthly”of the game.

The HP is worth it, in Addition to the games, in March of 2020?

Shadow of the Colossus Remake

3:55 pm

  • The genre: Action, Adventure
  • The Size Of The Download. 13.57 GB
  • Regular Price: 39,99 €
  • Time ” Test Of The Sort: Eighty-eight
  • Score For Metacritic: Ninety-one

Here’s why: The Action and Adventure we are a young Hero, alone on a desolate world in search of the 16 colossi that you must defeat in order to save your loved one. The game is basically exclusively for the boss battles, each of which requires its own strategy from us….

The differences between the PS3 Original, the PS4 Version is a Remake of the original Shadow of the Colossus, in the year of 2005, it’s the squeaky-clean textures and detailed landscapes and character models. The content has been changed in the game, none of that.

For those who don’t it is worth it, who is it for? Shadow of the Colossus is an adventure, one that breaks away from the majority of the video game and practices. You don’t must be an Action-Fest, expect an Open-World game, you are involved in a variety of tasks in a particular type of occupational therapy.

In spite of this, it will take about 10 hours to Shadow of The Colossus thrives on the emotional, clever boss fight, and the melancholy of the beautiful game in the world that is created by the gap.

However, they are not successful at any point in the work of reformation: with A (still) clunky controls and confusing camera work, which is such an amazing machine and in the hunt for a spot in a little bit.

Sonic’s Strength

1:36 pm

  • Type: Jump&Run
  • The Size Of The Download. 17.84 GB
  • Regular Price: 39,99 €
  • Time ” Test Of The Sort: Fifty-nine
  • Scores From Video Game Critics: 57 pm

Here’s why: The Sonic Forces is a 3D Action-platformer in which the player, like in Sonic generations, as of 2011, the modern and classic Sonic control. Once again, Sega’s video game icon you have to save the world from a campaign of the evil Dr. Eggman.

You can room-in-the-Editor-of-character, even a hero, and, like cats, rabbits, wolves, or bears to the full whiz with any kind of special skills and benefits.

For those who don’t it is worth it, who is it for? In the paper, the first sound is not bad at all, in the end, Sonic’s Strength is but as a pin, and it’s likely to get likely, that’s just a very euphoric, Sonic fans alike.

The problem is, in general, very low, and the boss fights play out to be dry, and in the Levels, and it is to die, often so abruptly, that we get frustrated with the Controller and attach it to the side.

The Jump&Run, there is a lack of not only depth but also in scope. 30 Levels of sound in the paper a lot, but most of the time fix that you can get after five hours of playing the game, and the Credits for the cover.

That is, the PS Plus Users in March, it will also be of interest?

In addition to the Free-to-Play, players can take full advantage of each and every month and discounts on certain brands, and the “PS Plus Rewards” program, called the Sony take this action. The new Rewards for the month of March is known for: PS Plus User, you will have 3 new rewards.