The Glossary of sustainable mobility at Tokyo 2020, also in Japanese


In the movie Lost in translation – love translated In 2003, two us-Americans – the actor who played the end of the career, Bob Harris, Bill Murray, and the time, Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) – they make the company during the long nights, sleepless, in a hotel Tokyo. The atmosphere and the photography of the film have reinforced the fascination of the audience for the aesthetics of the metropolis in modern Japanese, and the plot and the screenplay have us think about the complexity of the encounter between the cultures. But if the film of Sofia Coppola speaks of loneliness and lack of understanding, then, is what you lose when something is translated, the diversity is also a value that enriches us.

Tokyo at night, Lost in translation

The film Lost in translation – The love, translated by Sofia Coppola in 2003, it increased the charm of the Tokyo nightlife © Dil/Unsplash

Tokyo 2020, the reforestation of urban trees

The number of trees on the streets of Tokyo doubled from 2006 and reached one million © Bantersnaps/Unsplash

Tokyo in 2020, Toyota and pallets, e-mobility

Up to 20 vehicles and pallets are the journeys of the athletes in the Tokyo 2020. Able to ensure that the carriage with the help of the Autonomous level 4 (even if on Board there is always a driver, security) that come at low speed and the blades used in the villages for the Olympic and Paralympic © Toyota

tokyo in 2020, Toyota Mirai Concept, fleet, olympia-hydrogen

At the Tokyo Motor Show in november 2019, we have seen a preview of the Mirai Concept model, which is expected shortly before the arrival of the new Mirai, this year. They have a range of 30 percent and a style that is unpublished © Toyota

Tokyo 2020, mascot, Someity, paralympics

Someity, ソメイティ, whose name is from “someiyoshino”, a type of flower, the cherry, the mascot of the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 © Tokyo 2020

The freedom of movement is the key to people with physical limitations have an active role in the society.Sir Philip Craven, a member of the Board, Toyota Motor Corporation, former Chairman of the Committee for the international Paralympic Committee

tokyo 2020, sora, bus, hydrogen toyota

Sora of the bus fuel cell from Toyota, which is led to the streets of Tokyo during the Olympic games and the Paralympics. The discharge only steam acquo instead of the CO2-and pollutant – ©Toyota

tokyo 2020, sustainable mobility, public transport, trains, rail

The railway network of Tokyo, long a thousand kilometers long, more than 760 stations and more than 25 million people use every day © Vincent Camacho/Unsplash

Tokyo 2020, the New national stadium, kengo kuma

In the New national stadium, which Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and field athletics competitions and the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic games and the Paralimiadi Tokyo 2020 © Carl Court/Getty Images find designed

tokyo 2020, zero-emissions, renewable energy

To delete of emissions in large structures in Tokyo 2020 will be used only renewable energy © Mark Merner/Unsplash