The guy was freaking out that his girl loves a bikini, and gave her special swimsuit. Now look at her even more!


Perhaps all men don’t like when their girl paying a lot of attention. Especially when it’s on the beach! Australian Pedro Vitola decided to rectify the situation and gave his girlfriend a swimsuit made to order. But the result was quite unexpected…

Girl Pedro has a great figure and is not shy to demonstrate it. Patty loves to wear revealing bikinis at the beach that was far from the young man. Of course, who was pleased that his girl still paying attention! Then Pedro decided to address this problem and to make his girlfriend a swimsuit to order. He has personally designed and thought through every detail. Print for swimwear was developed based on the size of the girls, and preferences of her young man.

The young man decided to make a surprise and blindfolded the girl, so she can’t see the bathing suit while not wearing it. After Patty tried on the gift, he untied her eyes and videotaped her reaction. It was priceless!

At first she said that it’s terrible, what Pedro said that it’s actually his face. Indeed, the swimsuit was an unusual print his picture! By the way, the shape of the swimsuit Pedro also chose himself — it was practically an indoor option.

However, the piece has an open back it still left my lover bikini!

At first, Patty did not expect such a surprise, but then appreciated the humor Pedro. The girl clearly liked the unusual gift, which gave her an Australian.

Of course, now at Patty look at just men, but all the people on the beach. Hardly anyone would think to flirt with her, with such a swimsuit. But now all know that this girl has a young man!