The Leak seems to confirm the Soft Reboot-rumour


Where the Leak seems to confirm the Soft Reboot-rumour

Even if it is the “Batman Arkham” series was completed with Rocksteadys of “Batman: Arkham Knight, officially, for years, the rumors of another “Batman”game. Finally, the fact that Warner Montreal is a new game in development for the clinic.

It is said to be a kind of Soft-Reboot of the Batman Arkham series, which means that the connection to the content of a previously published title that is to be expected. The next title in games, also is a kind collaboration pendant the DC universe to the start. A Next-Gen title from Rocksteady will be based on this information, therefore, is in the same universe as the game. Also, a “Super-Man”the game is in the works. After that, it seems that it is not yet clear to us.

Batman-Soft-Reboot-confirmed, apparently

The LinkedIn profile (via WCCFTech), a Senior Producer, Warner Bros Montreal seems to confirm that the next “Batman”in the title, it is, in fact, regardless of the “Arkham”series. Senior Producer, writes that he is working on a yet unannounced title, a new IP address. Further, the profile doesn’t reveal, however.

So far there are only rumors based on alleged Insider Reports, and in a part of the Studio’s scattered hints that the Team is working on a “Batman”-the work of the project. So, the game should have a strong focus on the Bat-family, and the Court of Owls as the main opponent in the eye, you have to take. As usual, all such information, rumor, and should be handled with care.

On The Subject Of The: Batman Arkham Legacy: the Alleged ” Soft-Reboot of the series might still appear this year

It remains to be seen, when the Warner Bros. does the announcement of the next “Batman”game to work. It may be a Cross-Generation game, and first of all in the congregation, and the announcement of the next-Next-Gen PS5 and Xbox, the Series X would be expected.

When the new consoles to be unveiled by Sony and Microsoft, and it is not yet known. It is clear, however, that in both of the Next-Generation consoles just in time for the holiday Shopping season will be available in retail stores.

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