The music does not belong to you, such As Apple’s personal music File, then deletes


With iTunes Match, Apple provides a service that does an overview of the private music collection to the Cloud as possible. The Problem is, Even if you have to upload your own files to the service, you may be able to suspend the company’s access to certain music again and again.

The music fades

Many remember well the times when she was normal enough to keep in time with the music, a physical collection. At the Stage of the Lime and the co. many then went on to record with the perfect mix of music for the CD, or the hard drives of the hard disk, the creation of the file. In all of these cases, it was the music, the man once again, also, it remains in your possession. This fact is changing to a more widespread use of Cloud-based services. Thom Dunn from the Boingboing is now described, on the basis of the Apple, such as access to your own music in the Cloud could be lost to age very quickly.
iTunes MatchThe music in the iTunes Match is not part of a
First of all, as Dunn points out in his article that he has been in since the launch of iTunes Match is, in fact, very happy with the service. Song to upload it, if Apple detects a Match, it provides the music in addition to very good quality. So far, So simple. Regardless of the fact that you can come to enjoy the music, even with iTunes Match, but all of your license rights to the content, and Apple will make this available to you. “Technically, you’re just buying a license to access the media, and that can be removed at any time,” says Dunn.

In his case the Apple had been removed, and without a note for an entire Album to your collection. In the application, Apple said only “This record has been changed by the Provider of the Content, for several reasons. This is exactly the statement will show that the law of the contracting out of services in the Cloud, and still faces many limitations. “Music licensing is confusing,” concluded Dunn.

The backup is still important

For Dunn, as a result of this experience, it is clear That even if he had been cast to the Album prior to the Upload, specifically at a non-Apple formats, which would remove the company’s from these files that in the course of the license change, without any of the problems from the collection of songs on iTunes Match. He was glad that he thought of all of your music is still backed up. The behavior of the Apple, especially in the form of a clear statement that the content is not deleted, it said that it was “alarming”.

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Apple, Itunes, iTunes Match

Apple, Itunes, iTunes Match