The Nvidia Titan RTX (SLI) for Testing. 8-in the Games analyzed, today and in the future


It goes to the Marketing of the major manufacturers in the TV, then the 4K is to be replaced, apparently, for a long, long time. Well, LG today announced its current OLED tv’s “the excellent quality of the image on the 8”, Samsung QLED-2019 at the latest models “the great house of the theater, at a resolution of 8K”. But the fact is that 8K content, it is so far, the lack of goods, whether in a movie or series, unlike the video games, here are some of the high-resolution is, in principle, available for a very long time.

At least on the PC, all the support of the majority of the titles of the last few years and is already 8K-UHD, and if the via driver downsampling from 4K-UHD or a native 8-of-View. With A UP3218K from Dell, there is now a display for home operation even though it is so far the only one of its kind, with close to 3,000 Euros, is not cheap.

The UP3218K power, we have set up the manufacturer of the system, Mifcom, and a High-End computer configuration with a database on a TRX40 the Board with a 24-core-thread-Ripper-3960X (Test) and 64 GB of memory DDR4, and two of titanium, RTX from, each with 24 GB of video memory – this is important-more on that later.

Thus, the performance of the system is to be exhausted, had been integrated into the components of a Corsair water-cooling. This will help in the case of two graphics cards to run these with a 320-Watt, has increased the Power of the Target, with a GPU clock speed of 2 GHz frequency limit. With the cooling of the air, the frequency would be lower and the frame rate in the Games that we wanted to see our 8-reference values.

The job market

  1. ARIBYTE GmbH, Berlin, germany
  2. The SSI SCHAEFER IT-Solutions GmbH, Giebelstadt

In General, during the Test, it to 8 Games, with some technical conditions need to be present, because otherwise, the rate of 7.680 x, it is enough to 4,320 pixels), or it can lead to errors or even failures.

In addition, a very fast processor, the large flow-Line Pathways appear to be relevant, but also that the two graphics cards in SLI mode, you need to make a special connection with each other, in order to be able to modern Rendering techniques such as temporal anti-aliasing, carefully presented.

What pre-requisites are required, and to whom, to what we’ll see on the next page.

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