The original Move is celebrating its three-year


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The 20.10.2016 Nintendo finally, the original NX for the first Time in the world to the public, and to the delight of the Fans (we report on). The 03.03.2017 the original Change appeared in the world’s trade, and with this as well The Legend of Zelda: the Breath of the Wildfor many, it is still one of the favourite stocks of the console Switch to the console. Now, on to the 03.03.2020 we three years ago the original Switch in the console, and it is, therefore, also a successful return to Nintendo in the console market after the not so successful on the Wii U for years. Meanwhile, the original Switch, it’s more than 50 million copies are in circulationwe report onand also we have with ntower that, Nintendo has finally earned once again be relevant.

Let us know in the comments how satisfied are you with the last three years, the original Switch in the console, and take part in our research study.

News Image: © Nintendo

How do you evaluate the first three years of the Nintendo-power Switch, in accordance with the classes of the school. Ninety-four
  1. very fine (1) (49)
    52% of the

  2. good (2) (37)

  3. satisfying (3) and (4)

  4. average (4) (2)

  5. the poor, (5) (1)

  6. insufficient (6) (1)