The spell to break the Closed Beta starts tomorrow


Sony and developer of the Proletariat, begins tomorrow, Tuesday, during a Closed Beta Test for the Battle Royale-the concept of a “spell break down” on the PS4.

Spell to break up that is a new Battle, the Actual concept of the magic of this epic battle, and a powerful spell effect. The player can choose to take a class, weaving a dramatic spell combinations, and the struggle to become a powerful battle-mage. With each new Skill, and carry out an additional, and powerful magic, with which the upper classes at the time.

Classes Are Available To You

  • Pyromancerist (Fire Magic)
  • The Stone-Shaper (Wizard Of Earth’s)
  • Toxicologist (Burst Of Strength)
  • The Conduit (Lightning, Storms)
  • Storm (Wind Forces)
  • The Frost-Born (For A Sniper)

The spell to break, it also has a complete System of classes and objects with the player, as a solo competitor, in the Hollow, the Land master, or with friends, in a continuous search for the Survival games.

The spell to break, it will appear in the spring of 2020.