These are the new features in the big March update


Not only does a security patch, there is a month-to-month at the Google Pixel, the Pixel is 4 and he gets regular new features. Google announced new features for Google’s-Pixel 4, as well as most of the Pixel-generation Update to be rolled out.

In The Direction Of The Movement:

Solely to to to 4 pixels, and the pixels in the 4-XL-new Direction of Movement has been in search of with the help of the song Playing in the air above the device is played back, or it can be stopped. Users will now have an additional action that goes beyond the Finger is to the left and to the right as well.

The AIR-through two-fold:

There is a new AR-effects for the user, they can live in their Duo-video call with your friends. These effects will change depending on his facial expressions, and move with you on the screen.


In addition to that, the Selfies, the Pixel 4 is going to be better. The front-facing camera is now capable of producing images with better depth, that is blur in the Picture, and the Farbpop is improved, and the creation of 3D photos to Facebook, then Google it.


Emoji is the Pixel to be customizable by the Emoji-12.1-Update, and more comprehensive, with 169 of the new Emoji, which is a deviation from the gender and the color of the skin, as well as the multi-pair combinations.

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Cards the fastest by using the power button on the so-called. Press and hold only the power button on the Debit card, and credit cards, event tickets, boarding passes, or other items on your Google Payment.

This feature will be for users in the united states, the UNITED kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, italy, Spain, france, Italy, Ireland, greece, germany, Taiwan, and Singapore are available. If you have a one-Pixel 4, and you can quickly access your emergency contact information and medical information.

Please check:

In addition to this, you will check in for a flight is easy. It’s easy to take a screen shot of your boarding pass Bar code, and then tap on the notification to add them to your Google to Pay for it. Users receive real-time updates in-flight, and on the day of your flight, you can simply press the on / off button to show your boarding pass. In this role you will be in the March pass in all of the countries Google is Paid for the pixels in the 3, 3a, and 4 are entered by the user.

So dark, the better:

As of today, the Dark Mode is more flexible, with the ability to plan for the Dark Mode based on local sunrise and sunset times.


The Pixel that gives the user the ability to activate certain rules based on the wi-Fi network or the physical location automatically. Now, users can set up a rule in your tone, auto power off, if you have a wi-Fi connection to your home office, or you can click on the “do Not disturb” (dnd) when you walk through the front door of his house.


The Pixel 4 of the users will also get a couple of updates. The best alternatives to long Press on the space of pixels to display the best information for the Organization. There is also a fix for the adaptive brightness, which now increases the screen brightness temporarily for easier reading of the content in a way that is extremely bright ambient light such as direct sunlight.

Who is the one to Upgrade to? This is shown in the Overview: