Vacuum cleaner robot Dyson 360 Heurist costs 999 eur, in Germany


A little bit more in the pocket than a lot of other vacuum cleaners robot, one has to resort to the Dyson 360 Heurist. The longer it is, the longer time on the market, however, up to now, in Germany. Now, the fool is the one listed in the Store Ratings. The 360 Heurist is, like its predecessor, although it’s quite small, but it is also stylish. I’ve mentioned it already: in order to benefit from it, you can keep it was that you have to install, in fact it is a module Wi-Fi, it also has the 5-GHz band support in the past. On the other hand, in the battery pack, 2.5-pound, 360-Heurist and lasts up to 75 minutes at silent mode. The vacuum robot, by the way, is 12 inches long. 999, the robotic vacuum cleaner from Dyson at a cost of 360 Heurist in the Shop of the manufacturer of the Navigation depends on a Smart, SLAM and Navigation. My personal favorite at the moment? On the web: