Walrus Miass dressed in a bikini and a tutu and went out on the ice


Enthusiasts gathered in the village of Lenin.

Walruses all over Russia are constantly coming up with different event and boast among themselves a creative approach to hardening. Fans of a healthy lifestyle in Miass also decided to show imagination, took the tutu from the photo Studio, put on skates and went out on the ice, and when hot from the jumps and spins, jumped into the icy water. The action was called “Day skirts”.

“I try to think of something every week for people to have fun. “The day is skirts” have already made to your calendar, though the main target — hardening”, — the Chairman of the club Walrus “Miass” Vladimir Yakovlev.

The walrus season opens in November and swim every weekend throughout the winter. Someone over the years follows the life of “silovikov”, and then also joins them. Club Walrus “Miass” has been around for 6 years, and now it is 25 participants.

“The cold immediately weeds out those who won’t be able to do it, but if you believe that you will get health, then you’ll get it, here the main thing — the right attitude to have” — says Vladimir.

Of those who showed restraint, there are the lucky ones, to get rid of sinusitis or headaches. Changing the mindset of these people.

“In the winter if someone starts to get sick, think of it differently. I think that the tablet is reluctant to drink, better to go for a dip in the snow or lie shock therapy works, but all in good measure”, — shares the experience of a walrus.

Professionals soak in the water from 7 to 14 minutes, a total of swimming can last up to 4 hours and between dives in the water, walruses bask in the bath. In the summer, tend to go to cold springs.

“Don’t think walruses need a cold, walruses generally resistant to the temperatures and low and high stand quietly and go to the South, but in the cold the other thrill, of course,” — explains Vladimir Yakovlev.

In the nearest plans of walrus Miass to hold a “Day of umbrellas” and “Day hats”.

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