What Smartphone to get to the big “R”-Updating the database?


Three-quarters of a year after the Launch of the Android-10, the next Iteration of Google’s operating system for Smartphones, beating on the door with Android, to 11 in mind. That Smartphones and Tablets will receive the R Update we have all been looking for you, and that the devices are likely to be.

In the Android The 10-Q the following on the operating system of Google is naming Android 11 – in the letter, which has been in the past, for a sweet, abandoned the enterprise to the outside-in by 2019. Only internally, in the Android versions of the code and the name of the candy in the world. If you are looking for in the settings of the system, the developer preview of Android 11, is to find a to.

Google explains the move away from the “geek” gadgets,” so that the names were easier to understand, and there are no cross-culturally, and with less chance of a misunderstanding. In the case of the fact that it is, in the final analysis, it is not sweet, but the Software and Usability.

Android 11: and the Whole of the letter, it is not deleted from the System, but The R is still to be found in the phone Info. The patch is now dated for March. (Image: t3n)

The Android 11: the First public Beta release in may, Release is in 3 and. The quarter

For-Android-11-ready to take a couple of months. According to Google, the Release Version should show up in the course of the third quarter of the year. Even so, the company will deliver the first draft of the developer, monthly, and beginning in may for the Google I/O in 2020, with a public Beta Release. With the publication, on may 19. February, Google launched the developers version is about a month earlier than ever before, the developers get more time to move their apps to the new requirements, says the company.

Android 11, Launch Of The Road Map. (Picture: Google)

Android-11-Release-Tour. (Picture: Google)

The Android 11, Google has had many improvements to their security and privacy settings. In addition to this, a new representation of a notification to the Messaging app. In addition, the Update brings up a screen recorder to record Video from the screen. In addition to this, the company wants to miss out So Dark, and automation, as well as the so-called Scope-of – Store-a feature of a Sandbox for Apps to be made mandatory.

An Overview of the previously announced features can be found here: Android 11: and That brings up the next major Update

Since Android-9, a Beta Version, you can not only be used as a Google Pixel on Smartphones, as well as in many models from other manufacturers as well. What models this year, one of the advantage of is Google, with all their Hardware partners in the Wake of the Google I/O, by the year 2020, with the starting of the 12. 14. May 2020 we have to disclose. In the last year, there were about 20 of the devices.

Google Pixel: the First Generation is out

Google's Pixel to 4 and 4 XL. (Photo: t3n)

Of the Google Pixel the 4-and 4-XL, get Android 11, security. (Photo: t3n)

The Google Pixel smart phones, the first devices have received the Update, every time. Google is also the only manufacturer that operates a transparent policy on the update, Each and every Pixel receives from 2017 onwards, emphasis Pixel-2 (Testing) for a period of up to three years of major Android Updates and the monthly security patches.

For all models, the first developer preview release is available for flash, Google points out that the current Version is only intended for developers.

These Pixel devices will get Android 11:

Samsung 11, Android for the Galaxy, S-10, and later, for sure

Samsung Galaxy S20, The Family. (Photo: t3n)

Samsung Galaxy S20, the family is assured that the Android 11. (Photo: t3n)

Samsung has improved it with Updates and communicated in a meaningful way. The Update for the Android the 10 came as fast as Google, but it was delivered with the Launch of the first units at the beginning of December, much earlier than in previous years. Even with all the security patches that have been Samsung, it is now a reliable and published at the top of our monthly Updates. The iphone and the Android, the 11 is even faster, it’s to be expected.

An update on the following devices, you can expect to:

Huawei provides you the most Updates for Android 11

The Huawei Mate Is 30, Pro with the Gallery App, and WE. (Image: Huawei)

The Huawei Mate Is 30, Pro with the Gallery App, and WE. (Image: Huawei)

Google can’t work together because of the sanctions on the USA, according to Huawei, new devices, such as a Companion to the 30-to Kill the x’s with your own staff. Older devices that still receive Updates. You will also have access to the Google Play Store and services. In the case of the new models, seems to be a little bit different story: Huawei, Android, need for Updates to the open-source Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Google’s services in exchange for their own platform, such as the app Gallery, and WE (Huawei Mobile).

What are the devices likely to get Android 11?

In keeping with the theme of:

Honor: Huawei’s daughter, with the same output

Honor 20, Pro, with a Quad-camera

Honor 20, Pro, with the Quad-chamber. (Image: Honor)

Raising daughter Honor, as the parent company, the New models will have to do without the services of Google, the Updates are still provided. For some devices, it is considered to be very safe, you will get the Android 11.

  • Honor Vista, 30, Pro is (without Google services)
  • Honor’s View of the 30 (without Google services)
  • Honors 9 Pro (without Google services)
  • Honors 9 (without Google services)
  • The honour of the 20 (with Google services)
  • Honour of the 20 (with Google services)

The HMD, Global: 11, Android for many Smartphones, the Nokia

Nokia is 7.2. (Photo: Nokia)

Nokia is 7.2. (Photo: Nokia)

Nokia-Smartphone-manufacturer-HMD is the Global thing is for sure: The manufacturer, in all of its Smartphones, with an Update for you for a period of two years (three years for security patches) for most of the devices that have been announced from 2018 to 2020, should get an Android for 11. All Smartphones, except for the 1-series, based on Android at A lower price, the wheel with Google’s Android-and-Go Editing.

To be suitable for the theme Update for Android: – Nokia gives you the fastest and most reliable

Oneplus: – 2 years of Android Updates guaranteed

Oneplus 7T Pro vs Oneplus 7T. (Photo: t3n)

Both of the 90-Hz Display, and Android devices-11-manufacturer’s warranty: Oneplus 7T Pro vs Oneplus 7T. (Photo: t3n)

As in the case of the HMD and Global Oneplus is a great Upgrade-warranty: Two years ago, the company’s devices to receive Android Updates, security updates, and the manufacturer provides three years of age.

Therefore, we can expect that the Android and 11, for the following smartphones:

Motorola: Upgrade to an uncertain future

Motorola Moto G8-Plus. (Picture: Motorola)

Motorola Moto G8-Plus. (Picture: Motorola)

Motorola is not exactly covered in the recent past, especially with the reputation when it comes to Android Updates. In the series, it may lead to confusion, because, in spite of the Name, just the Sight of it is based on the Google Android platform, and to receive Updates of the operating system for two years. The other models in the series have only one name, and only the largest Android be get Update. The Same is true for the G8 meetings in the series.

Sony have 2 years of Android Updates for sure

Sony Xperia 1 II. (picture: Sony)

Sony Xperia 1 II. (picture: Sony)

In addition, Sony will offer to their top models, and two-year warranty warranty to Upgrade. In the case of the input device, and the level of the middle-class, it’s called Hope. It certainly could be the Updates to these models:

Xiaomi Android the 11, for you a wide range of devices

The Xiaomi Mi-10 Color. (Image: Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi Mi-10 is going to receive the Update to Android 11. (Image: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi offers the Android Updates usually reliable. In addition to the models listed, the manufacturer is expected to bring even more Android 11. It should be noted that the Xiaomi has put its user interface, MIUI, regardless of what Version of Android to a newer Version.

Who else? Android-11-Updates to the law, Really, and more and more

In addition to the manufacturers listed, the Player will have to provide your own devices, with an Android and 11. What are some of the concrete now, it can be difficult to sort out. It is certain that the company is equipped with a brand new LG V60 ThinQ 5G with the new operating system. Really going to upgrade in February, showed the Top model X50 Pro 5 with safety and security as well.

As well as the manufacturer, explain your plan, and will update this article on a regular basis.

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