With this Software Update, no one expected it so soon


Samsung, which the company has in the past month, no longer distribute the product, the fast Updates of the Software. This Time, Samsung has beaten back Google, and the top three Smartphones with the latest Version of the Android os.

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Samsung-Galaxy-S-10, receives March Update

In the last week-end, we have already begun the March Update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Galaxy-S-10-Plus-and-Galaxy-distribute the S10e. Well, Samsung has beaten Google, once again, for all the pixels in Smartphones, the Update will be delivered to you today. It was first discovered in the March Update for the S10-Smartphones, SamMobile reported, for the first time in Switzerland. Today, it is due to be released in other countries. So, if you are not in possession of a Galaxy-S-10, you need to go into the settings and after the Update.

The Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 is not the first Smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer, are equipped with a March Release. The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20-Plus-and-S20 Ultra-running, also the Version of the March, which was first discovered in the Review of devices. The new Software, which is no longer in use and no problems. In other Galaxy Smartphones that are likely to follow, so quickly.

The-new-Samsung-Galaxy-S20 model close:

We offer you the reliable Updates for an Android

Samsung has proven itself in the past few months, and that he believes that the company is serious. While on Android, the Updates previously published with a delay, and it has become the Standard that Samsung has for its Galaxy Smartphones, has released Updates before the Google. This will create a third-party provider. Samsung also supplies the popular models, for at least two years of Software Updates so that the mobile phones can be used for a long time. Anyone who has a Samsung Galaxy S20-purchase now to receive the Update to Android 11, Android-12, as well as security updates until probably 2024 or even longer. This is for the industry, an announcement, a time that even Google no longer, three years later, there are many other manufacturers is, after a couple of years.