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In the current section of the Story, the WoW: Battle of Azeroth, the mythical mantle of Ashjra’kama, the cloth of the determination plays a very important role to play. For those who are new-comers, and the ability is not like a cloak loose Ochs of the N-zoth-the mountains, the people in charge at Blizzard, most recently, an official Guide online that tells you how to get Ashjra’kamas.

In the current section, in the History of WoW (and now for a 23,95 € buy in): Battle of Azeroth, the great cover to play Ashjra’kama, the cloth, in the determination of an important role to play. For those who are new-comers, and the ability is not like a cloak loose Ochs of the N-zoth-the mountains, the people in charge at Blizzard, most recently, an official Guide online that tells you how to get Ashjra’kamas.

  1. Accept the Quest, “the return of the Black Prince” (Horde) or “An unpleasant and consultant” (the Alliance). If you meet all of the requirements, then you will get this quest automatically. (Make sure that you meet all of the following requirements, and if the Search does not appear to reach the level of 120, Nazjatar, unlocked, and with the introduction of the experiment to the Search for A “way home” complete, the heart of the forge is turned on and is essential to the heart of Azeroth’s unlocked).
  2. Dependence on Magni in the chamber of the Heart, and the lead-in quest to continue on with the series.
  3. Magni followed in Uldum in the halls of the home, and to take on the challenge.
  4. Looking at the Ramkahen king Phaoris, and that includes an attack on Uldum.
  5. To meet Magni Bronzebeard in the chamber of the Heart, and then asking for Wrathion on his new, lewd subject matter as part of your Search for “Suspicion of corruption”.
  6. To speak with his MOTHER about his lack of a subject-to ” the Titanic and the purification of the lock. Even if the corrupted objects can be made clean, in the event that your item is not himself at the moment. (It was observed that in the purification of permanently, any corruption of an object, the object is removed, and thus, all of the bonus effects.)
  7. Dependence on Magni out of the mogu’shan vaults in Kun-Lai summit.
  8. Go to the seat of knowledge in Vale of Eternal blossoms, to speak with lorewalker Cho.
  9. Travel to the breath-Mist, then the Rajani and closes with the attack on the vale of Eternal blossoms.
  10. Accompanied by Magni to the engine of Nalak, ‘the sha in the vale of Eternal blossoms, and to take on the challenge. If you have completed this step, you are already with another character, you will be able to directly with the Ar-you talk, and the scenery, skip it.)
  11. Returns with an Ra chamber of the heart. (If you have to talk to him one more time, and it brings you directly to it.)
  12. Talk to Magni, the more Missions you complete in a chamber of the Heart. Join us again in the halls of origination in Uldum, and you will have a Vision of a little taste of what’s in store for you.
  13. Speaking in the chamber of the Heart to Wrathion, and take the Quest “to the beginning of the descent.”
  14. Entering into the Burning steppes at the top of the rock, in the BlackWing descent to take on the challenges at the end of which you are a prey to the corrupt waiting in the wings.
  15. It returns to the heart of the chamber, and speak with Wrathion to complete the Quest and receive your new concept on the cover: Ashjra’kama, the cloth of the determination.

To submit your new robe, take it to the next Mission, and it will take you back to the halls of origination, and to give it to him, in the last resort, and the access to the views that are disturbing. You’re going to need a vessel for the visions that are disturbing, in order to get in. It can be improved, and new ones to unlock. With each new level, a new bonus to be unlocked, such as, for example, the best value, the greater the protection from loss of your intellectual health is in the visions, as well as the resistance against the negative effects of the can the pump from the parts of the equipment.

The disturbing visions which may be used alone or in a group, press enter. If you want to connect with others, you may want to simply use the dungeon finder (the default hotkey: I) to open, and a group of like-minded adventurers looking for.

More information about the legendary cloak, Ashjra’kamas there is also, of course, on our web site.

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