a bar, a drag queen, and piss in a bucket


jennifer lawrence

New York city, party, bars, clubs, drag queen, Jennifer Lawrence together with his girlfriend and singer Adelefaux pas and urinate in a bucket. The theme of the fourth Chapter of a hangover or the result of a reality show, low alloy, Mag. However, is what happens with the two stars mentioned, which ended during a night of debauchery, with lots of laughter. Without tattoo harassing on the face or fingers cut off, to the trilogy.

While in March of this year Jennifer Lawrence and Adele the outputs are a round bar and various bars in the metropolis par excellence: New York City. A wild night of a little too much alcoholic fermentation, which has seen between many other places, participate, even the Cumming Club, a popular local, very popular, star, full of drag queen.

Right here is consumed, it is the unique fact that he went seen it Jennifer Lawrence. After he made up, make-up, of the drag queen in the room, the actress has decided that the need to pee too urgent. To the point that he is the first bucket available. There was no time to climb, in the upper floor of the room, where there are bathrooms!

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But that’s not the only faux pas of the evening. Above all, a singer Adele excited called that the actress Red Sparrow it’s the new face of Chanel was founded in, mixing with the other competitors of the brand, Coco, fashion designer Christian Dior. Despite these moments a little bit borderline, a bit inconsistent, as the renowned germofobia the Lawrencethe two of the past will certainly be a memorable evening.

The actress and the singer are friends since 2013, while the Oscar-night, he saw you reward your Jennifer Lawrence as best actress for The Positive Side and the same Adele for his lovely song Skyfall as a best or.s.t. of 007. Even if, as he revealed himself, Jennifer Lawrence estimates Adele from his first hit, Chasing Pavments.

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