A mysterious Sony Smartphone have emerged: – what are your plans?


Sony has recently introduced its new Android Smartphone, it has left a bitter-sweet Echo. But now there appeared a new model, it looks very promising. A great hook, but it is there.

Sony’s plans for cheap outdoor mobile phone

Sony has revealed the end of April, for a total of three new Android Smartphones. Cited a Trio of the Launch of the 1 and II, which covers the absolute High End of the industry. In addition to that, there was the Launch of the 10-II and the Launch of the Level 4 see), covering the middle and entry level. Now, the other phone has been spotted at Chinese regulatory authority TENAA. It takes its name from Sony, S20A, and covers a very broad area. The Japanese manufacturer is planning a rugged outdoor mobile phone. You can refer to at least one of the first photos of the approval of the authority.

The source of the image: TENAA.

You can see this very clearly in the Design of a robust frame made of plastic. We are all familiar with in the Form of the Samsung phones, they are also designed for indoor or outdoor use. It is now expected for a High-End Smartphone won’t be disappointed. This is an entry level phone that is equipped with a 5,45-inch display and a 4,000 mAh battery. It is a Quad-Core processor at 1.3 GHz is used. The focus is going to be an extremely long service life of the battery, so that you are able to time to work outside of the office, and not making available to you.

Sony Xperia a 5-close.

Brand new Sony phone with Android 6?

The Mystery of the new Sony Smartphone is the operating system pre-installed. This is shown in the TENAA with Android 6 – it is reported GSMArena. In fact, it is impossible for the new models with the old Version of the Android os. Currently, 10 is the Android device which lets you use it. At least on Android 9 out of the Pizza should already be in there. Everything before that is just unreal. Even if Sony was going to develop such a model, for a particular purpose, and non-this is a highly customized Software, be Android 6 is too old to do so. It will be interesting to see if Sony brings this Smartphone into the market. It would be interesting, in any case.