A skate functions for both the PC and on the PS4, Xbox One power Switch


The skating simulation that let you discover the XL is going to appear on the side of the PC to the console of the Switch, An Xbox and a PS4. Told in the Easy Studios-and to emphasize in the press release, that the game is on the first floor of the skating title in more than a decade ago, it appears, at the same time for all the major platforms.

What time is it? Here, the developers are not yet concrete, and they talk about a Version of “at the end of the year. In the case of Steam, to let you discover the XL is already provided by 2018 it is in early Access, and was there received by the users is very positive. Also, within the Community, the mods, the skating simulation that it is popular and it’s already been created numerous content such as additional Maps or additional races.

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