According to Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt occurs in the UCM? That is, who interprets it according to a new rumor


Foreword: as we have made clear, often, when she speaks of rumors, nothing is never sure. So, if bright, the voice, the gait, the we remains for you, is not confirmed for the moment, absolutely.

Having said all that, if it is learned from sources in the vicinity of the site WGTC, it would be a possibility to see, Brad Pitt in the role of Hyperioncharacter , of which we told you recently in connection with the tv series Loki. So, again, it is rumored that the show with Tom Hiddleston can, the the introduction of the Squadron Supremeor the counter-party marvel Liana of the Justice League. And Hyperion does not, therefore, just another version of theUCM the most famous Superman.

According to the website, in the future, the character can also be individually designed with the stand-alone film or tv, but obviously it is currently too early to talk about it. It seems that Pitt was considered for the role, which is a message that, if confirmed, will certainly take pleasure in ex-wife Angelina Joliethat are currently working with the rotary Eternalsone of the next movies of Marvel Studios. To share that the two can meet, that the same universe and maybe even the set?

We will see. To learn In the expectation of something more, what do you think of this rumor?

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