After this freestyle Cardi B do not wait to hear the new album


20 November 2019

Cardi B continues to be the the queen of freestyle and this video that he shared on Instagram it is the umpteenth retry.

Between a rhyme and the other, the rapper also says the phrase “Just a little something until I finish the new album“. This means only one thing: is coming new music signed Cardi!

“Invasion Of privacy” is the disk that marked the debut of Cardi B, released on 6 April 2018. Among the tracks that make it up also “Bodak Yellow”, single who has devoted the 27-year-old at a commercial level throughout the world. To listen just click play below!

Get ready, because it’s going to arrive also here in Italy YO! MTV Raps, program dedicated entirely to the standards of the rhymes and the masters of the beat that make you fly. After the United States, England, Germany, Africa, and Asia, YO! MTV Raps from next spring hits MTV Italy (Sky 130) and streaming on THE NOW TV. Stay tuned to learn more!

ph: getty images