(also) of Angelina Jolie?


This was not the BAFTA Awards, but Brad Pitt is the undisputed main role, however, was! The funny argument of the plaintiff, by Margot Robbie is another proof of how much improved his rhetorical skills (after Angelina Jolie) is read.

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Brad Pitt was excellent in the last BAFTA Awards 2020 as Best supporting actor for Once upon a time in Hollywood… and it’s not available, but could talk by itself. Pitt, in fact, was not in London, to withdraw, in the first person, the bonus due to personal reasons, but delegated to a colleague and dear friend: the Australian Margot Robbie.

The Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey, rose to the stage and began to read thank you speech Brad Pitt had prepared for the occasion, so that every mouth be open, and to emphasize that “interesting results worth it”.

The rhetorical skills of the actors are greatly improved. Lately, it has become, bright and funny, sometimes even irreverent. Not coincidentally, of his speech with a joke about Brexit:

Hey, UK, I have just heard that you’re single. Welcome to the club!

This was only the first of many references to “singlet Udine” of Brad, that he already had his victory commented so to the SAG Awards: “I’m going to this in my profile on Tinder!”. The actors, with a few bars of “sguazzato” in the sea of gossip that affect their lives sentimental from 2016, when it is again single after the end of the marriage with Angelina Jolie.

The BAFTA Margot Robbie, between the laugh, the General, went ahead with the reading thanks, of course, Quentin Tarantino and all the insiders Once upon a time in Hollywood…. The chiosa speech was second to none, with an unavoidable reputation at the much-disputed history, which is called the British tabloid, Megxit:

Brad says that he has his price, ‘Harry’, because he is really enthusiastic about the idea of him in The Usa!

The cameras, in this time, you have users on rushed for a moment Prince William and Kate Middletonrespond , have, with great irony (albeit with a hint of embarrassment!).

Needless to deny, if he divorce from Jolie Brad Pitt one of the speakers is completely new. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the merit of it would be indirect, with his ex-wife. Here is a member of the Academy is what he explains:

It is with a sense of humor to a situation, knowing that the industry promotes as the Jolie.

His words, then mirerebbero to ingratiate himself to the community of Hollywood by the it is defined “in love” – in the coming Oscarof course, candidates. The fact that his ex-wife turns out to be less popular and sympathetic of him, then) for Pitt to be a value on which the lever (often like.

What do you think? Sure, dietrologie aside, this is one of the best speeches, the Brad Pitt if you have never done before!