Ana Barbara boasts tremendous butt on Instagram


Ana Barbara it has become one of the queens of Instagramthe singer grupera does not stop to surprise his followers in such social networkand now he has done it with a hot photo of her butt.

Ana Barbara public the night of three march a picture in which she appears in her dressing room, in front of a mirror, and revealing to the camera his entire rear huge. Ana Barbara he wore white pants, which made you notice her intimate parts.

Unfortunately for all followers of Ana Barbara the rules of censorship in Instagram we have played a bad pass, and the content that was published was taken down and censored by the platform, a fact which they regretted the fans, who now can only enjoy the stories of Instagram of the interpreter Bandit.

Ana Barbara boasts tremendous butt on Instagram

Ana Barbara boasts tremendous butt on Instagram

Ana Barbara burns networks

Yes, although this image was censoredAna Barbara you have other content on your social network, while rosa censorship, has not yet been downloaded by the platform, as we have been able to see Ana Barbara in ardent lingerie, sportswear, and transparent clothes that always publishes.

Ana Barbara it has slowly been increasing its popularity on Instagram, and today has 1 million 600 thousand followerswho are always on the lookout for what happens in the life of the singer, as for example the suit that he had with Arturo Lopez Gavito in The Academy a few weeks ago.

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In concert number three of “The Academy”, Angie Flowersthe girl from honduras, he had to sing and interpret the theme, and “I Looked”, he did so in a spectacular way but at the time of the critical Arturo Lopez Gavito you went all in and said that that song was Even in bad taste, something that did not happen higher up in the semi-final, when Ana Barbara he was a guest, and not kept quiet to tell the judge The Academy what I thought of his opinion.

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