Android: Google brings new features to the Pixel-Smartphone


Google brings out an Update of new features on the Smartphones of the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 4, which the company announced in a blog post. Thus, for example, in the Direction of Movement of the feature has been expanded, with the help of the Image 4. the users can use their Smartphone with Gestures.

The job market

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It is the ability to pause a music track. To this end, the user has to hold your Hand directly in front of a screen of pixels 4. In the past, this was not possible, the user can change it by Swiping on the Display and the volume or change the track.

In the event of a device of the Pixel, the 4-series, as well as the Pixel 3, the switch-in after the Update, it acts like a Shortcut for us to Pay. The user press the button a little bit longer for it to appear on Google’s Pay-deposited with the plates directly on the screen, where they can be quickly selected.

Quick access to boarding passes

In Google, the Payment shall be made, in addition to credit cards, boarding passes, as long as the users receive the information by E-Mail to your Gmail address, or a screen shot of the card you have made; the Display will then show the boarding pass, which can be when you are traveling is very convenient.

In addition, the pixels can be set to owner, in accordance with the rules of the Upgrade, which is plug in the right places, automatically, with the features of your smartphone. For the determination of the location of, and access to free Wi-Fi internet access, detection can be by, for example, to determine if a smart phone is to be connected in the right places, and very quiet.

A number of new Emojis, and the ability to use it for video calling using the Google Duo, and AIR effects as well. The front-facing camera of the pixels 4 in addition to this, after the Update, with a deep recognition that it is the self-improvement of the portraits. The car accident in which the detection is only available in the United States. This Update is provided to the Pixel proprietary wireless, that is available to you automatically.

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