Angelina Jolie, a series of the BBC, to help the young against the fake news


Un educational program, dedicated to the boys, so that you recognize the fake news

. Is the new and ambitious project of Angelina Jolie, 44 years, in collaboration with the BBC. Which has a very specific goal: to help you to distinguish the young, the real news from the fake, the facts of the handling. The show is presented on 26.

BBC-My World the program of the Jolie against the fake news

It is BBC-My World the new program, signed by Angelina Jolie, Microsoft Education and the BBC explains the stories behind the news and to provides facts and information help the children to be from the age of 13 years, informed and attitude to international issues, the urgent. A weekly schedule of half an hour will be broadcast on BBC World News. Broadcast every Sunday to 11:30 p.m. (ET) and its contents, together with 42 services, the BBC spoke to. Will also be made available via a YouTube channel, and BBC iPlayer in the UK.

A nut on the side of the guys

As a parent, are happy to give you my support to a program that is designed to help the children to become better acquainted with the lives of other young people around the world and the connection between them,” said the diva of cinema on his new project. “I hope that the help the guys to find the information and tools you need to make a difference to the issues that affect them, from the network, the BBC, with thousands of journalists and services in several languages throughout the world”.

The young people and the information

The producers of the programme consider it as a tool to help you, the young audience is allowed in it, surf the net, often the young, you will encounter different types of content, including messages aimed at adults, but you have to understand a lower ability to distinguish the quality of the content.

“There is a gap in services for young people who want to understand how the messages and the values are edited, the behind. Need instruments to differentiate the real through the fake online, and skills for critical thinking to the information“says Jamie Angus, Director BBC World Service Group. “The cultivation of these skills is the goal of My BBC World. And these skills are crucial for the young people of today, not only for personal development, but for the future health of democracy in the world”.