Angelina Jolie launches the program teaches young people how to use the fake-news


For years, the humanitarian assistance to the victims of war and refugees engaged in battles. But now Angelina Jolie has found, and to combat a new threat: the fake news. The actress and Oscar-produced and developed a TV show called My World, to identify young people, the fake messages and to understand what is happening in the world.


42 different languages

The weekly program sar was launched on Sunday, 26. January 2020da, Bbc World News, and our young people from the age of 13. These last on My World, also on other platforms such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer, and sar-available in 42 different languages. can Each use takes to distinguish a half-hour and insegner the boys, the real messages from those that are manipulated, or of the stories that are, in fact, pure propaganda.

Angelina Jolie, one of the “bad girl” to the minimal-chic, thanks to some of the pillars of fashionistas
A transformation of the style

The confidence in this project

Interview with the Variety magazine, which said the actress, he had great confidence in the project: As a mother, I’m support happy, a program that helps you to meet the kids and dealing with the lives of other young people around the world,” said the actress. I hope that My World helps children find the information and tools you need to make a difference to the issues that affect them, from all over the world to the network of thousands of journalists and multi-lingual service of the BBC. Jamie Angus, the Director of the BBC World Service, supports a program that is aimed directly at young people. The young people that are surfing the net need tools to distinguish the truth from falsehood, and skills, to think critically about the information, wherever the are. That is the goal of My World, and is crucial for the young people of today, not only for their personal development, but also for the future health of democracy in the world.

25. January 2020 (amendment 25. January 2020 | 17:04)