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Naples, Mon Amour, this is the title of the work, the Teatro Ariston Capaccio Paestum held on Sunday, may 16. February at 18:30. So far, the soprano Angelina “Jolie is an artist” Renzullo, internationally recognized, which we met in these days

From France to Vienna, of Melborne in New York and on Sunday, the 16. February in Capaccio-Paestum is excited for this performance?

Eh… a lot! For those that live music-every performance an emotion, and this time is always, if I am, in my earth, the adoption of even more.

When was the passion for the music?

My passion for music arose when I was very small, thanks to my uncle, the musician I approcciata studies already at the age of three years, with five I began the study of piano, and ten first, as the voice of the white people in the Church, I began to find a way with the song that brought me to occur in many theatres in Italy and abroad

Can you tell us something of his appearances from the Beautiful country

I’m spoilt for choice, because my services abroad were numerous, both as a solo, in choir and as a solo pianist or in formations out of the room. I was in France for three years, esibendomi in a duo with Nicola Tommasini, without a doubt, one of the best accordion players of the Italian and artistic talent of Capaccio, Paestum, then in Vienna, where I, together with Lisaveta Bormotova, a virtuoso pianist of the Russian Federation, with which I in the course of some important collaborations. In august 2018, are sprint in Melbourne, a city that is fabulous to me remained in the heart, where I in the duet with the baritone Koreans Sung-Sun Hong the conclusion of our exhibition ‘O sole mio greeted by a standing ovation, which brings today, in a distance of time, gave me chills. And then New York. In the big apple, I lived is a more great emotion, Radio City, Manhattan, where you are, was poured to a slice of Neapolitan songs, classic re-interpreted to the community italo-American, who received me with open arms. Finally, I’ve registered my presence with the trio NJF also in London. I’m planning a gig in Austin, Texas on the military base at Camp Mabry, where the seat of the 36ma infantry Division in 1943, landed in Paestum.

She lives since some years in Capaccio-Paestum is located, but where the dates exactly?

Irpina birth, but now Capaccio Pestana adopted. In fact, I live here in this beautiful city for several years, my artistic work plays with the boy trying to convey in them the love for music. And to be honest, I am proud, you start to see the fruits of which the audience of the Teatro Ariston, can enjoy it, on Sunday, 16. February.

By the way, how was involved in the event, supported by the municipality, more precisely, by the Council for municipal social policy?

Thanks to a friend of my mother’s which I put on Graziella adult, artistic Director of the events from the 16. February, there are still managed, my mentor at the you. In the episode, I had the opportunity, the President, Maria Marino, and also with her there was immediately understood. The possibility of a conversation my voice, with people who are open and enlightened, as you convinced me, you, the spectacle granted to the mayor Franco Alfieri, with the patronage of the municipality of Capaccio Paestum.

In what the drama is?

This is the premiere of an Opera in two acts to a libretto by Giorgio Cafasso, a summary of the most beautiful Neapolitan songs are classic to each other by a logical thread, the chantant us back to the years of the legendary gold of Naples and sequins in the café, and the Belle Epoque. I have the honour of you as the narrator of the show, don Giuseppe Seven, I also for other projects in the area of the parish, especially in the Gromola and bridge Barizzo.

Then a deep imprint of the cultural Association Mineia in this event, thanks to Giorgio Cafasso, he wrote the libretto of the Opera, and Don Giuseppe, Seven as a narrator.

The appointment is for Sunday, the 16. February in the Teatro Ariston in Capaccio-Paestum with the factory, in the first embodiment, Naples, Mon Amour. With the performance of the orchestra of forty items under the direction of Maestro Konstantin Caruccio and the choreography Graziella adults treated.

In the course of the evening, a video with a song against the war, issued by the Band capaccese “Cler 21 are shown”, before wanted by the chair, MS Maria Marino, to the talents of the region in the panorama of international music. Because the Band is in London from 1. – 15. March for a series of concerts.