Applications: Android Users beware – These are the Apps you should remove it immediately from your mobile device


In the Google Play Store, there are thousands of Applications available for Download. Now, the experts have identified again some of the apps that may cause harm.

  • In the The Google Play Store there are a lot of defective Applications.
  • And now, specialists in new, malicious take Applications to be identified.
  • Protection free Viruses-Programs-Of –.

Munich – at the end of the year, are in The Google Play Store many Applications have been identified in the The damage in the Smartphone do…. The two Applications – SunPro Beauty, Camera, Funny, Sweet, Beauty, Camera, experts, been identified as particularly aggressive.

Right now, the four pollutants that have been identified by the experts, once again, as in the applications, which are not only annoying, but also it can cause damage. Apps in the Google Play Store, with millions of other apps, it’s called the “Compass rose” from the hook, then “Home wallpaper” Mary Lou, “the Landscape Chamber,” by Lonnie Carlson, and “Flower Photo” Editor ” of Castle Rock, as a he said.

Malicious apps: These apps in the Google Play Store will cause damage to your Smartphone

For these Applications, you should remove it immediately from your Smartphone. Behind the above-mentioned Apps, the Clicker is software hidden in it “the bear, the cloud,” and “the Joker”. In the beginning, is invisible, as it is simple to do. The program to emulate the clicks of users, and may, therefore, choose to completely missed a banner, behind which fraud is lying in wait. How to you write more, you can press the “Joker”through your browser settings without your Knowledge, and Premium Services.

After all, as it is called, it is said the Application, over time, bad application, not evaluated, so, probably no more than a few users be able to use it on your phone already or you are never going to happen.

The opinion asked the question: What do you think of the wizards of the language.

The virus free Applications that provide protection against malicious software

Against the malicious software also WhatsApp a security flaw was first discovered – can be protected with a virus scanner that doesn’t have to cost anything. The App, Sophos Mobile Security is free and offers no In-App purchases, so there are no hidden costs. As an alternative, the user may install the Application in antivirus software, “Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus”. The best protection “G Data Internet Security Light offers.

In the case of the two last-mentioned applications, and you can’t afford the extra features, if a sufficient number of the Basis function. All of the Apps and also to provide an Anti-theft function, the “G Data Internet Security Light”, it still has a control function for the parents.


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