Becky G celebrates her birthday after the party with Karol G & Natti Natasha with a touch-up


Becky G can boast of being one of the singers most successful of the moment and, above all, to do it with just 23 years old. And is that was yesterday when the Inglewood celebrated his birthday.

As we have been able to see in your account Instagramit appears that what you did in petit committee, while hours before we had spotted partying with neither more nor less than Karol G and his inseparable Natti Natasha.

A Becky G in the last few years has changed. And a lot of. From their environment they speak of her as a mature woman despite being still very young and, above all, that has the things very, but very clear.

The last touch-up of Becky G

And one of them is that is not going to hesitate even for an instant when passing by the plastic surgeon. Already done so on several occasions. So you just need to take a look at their photos a few years ago and compare them with the present to realize that the change is not just a result of the passage of time.

However, in the last few hours a photo of yourself in their stories has been revealed, or least that is what they point to many of his followers, that the Los Angeles has returned to pass through the hands of the younger specialists.

In this case the purpose of your visit there has been another increase in the thickness of their lips. A new mouth which, since then, has given a lot to talk about in the networks. “Mmother mine, and how those lips?”, “Has given away over lips for her birthday”, “This girl is becoming more and more and it will spoil it”, “This fashion of the lips so thick end up and the girls and Becky G is regret” or “For my taste it is overdone, but what is important is that you like her” are some of them.