Becky G drink, Natti Natasha looks at her. And Karol G ends up fatal!


Eye because, as you well know, the followers of Becky G, Natti Natahsa and Karol G, the three queens of song decided to get together to party. And of course, as expected, social networks are already starting to appear photos and videos of a night, sure, has left more than one with a hangover of a championship.

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And is that you only need to take a look at the images to realize the good that they are going the three. Yes, as well highlights many of his followers, each one of them has “taught” their true personality.

The feast of Becky G, Natti Natasha and Karol G

In the images we see how it is Becky G that, in a principle, the more attentive you are to all that surrounds the image of the party in Miami. Wants to be the protagonist, while a more timid Natti Natasha and a Karol G, that goes to his, the look.

However, as you move the night, it is the colombian who seems to grab the reins of the party and is shown as the most active of all. Eye, even, seeing the next image, perhaps too much.

In fact, there are not a few who, seeing the photos and the videos, ensure that it is the Medellin which, sure, was a day following a lot more hard than that of her two friends. In any case, the comments and opinions in social networks have not been made wait.

And that is to see these three divas together enjoying a crazy night in Miami it is not something that happens every day, hence the likes and the views have shot up. “What a beautiful three”, “Mother of mine how it goes, ” Karol G”, “Brutal”, “Go-party hit”, “Women to power” or “I Would have paid to be there and enjoy a night out as well of fun with them” or “These three together are a bombshell” these are just some of them.