Beijing Express-live-3. March pairs remained deleted, and new stages


Tuesday 3. Marchlive from 21.25 to Rai 2 will be aired the new episode of Beijing Express-2020under the direction of Constantine Gherardesca.

After l’delete from Palermothe 7 couples left in the race to leave area Thai to start to China.

(We remind us, the audience, the program was registered before from the birth of the phenomenon of the Coronavirus)

Beijing Express-live-3. March pairs remained deleted, and new stages

L’the last stage in Thailand instead of in Bangkok. The wedding planner of the hat to wait black envelope in the notice, whether or not the stage is excretion or less.

Beijing Express-live-3. March selfie

Before you in the live race, the couples must the click of the selfie with the inhabitants of the place. The prerequisite is that you do not need to smile but keep’expression serious. The lucky ones recording only a (the Wedding Planner). The unfortunate, however, well 7 (the Inseparable). The Inseparable had to repeat the test for two times since the photos are not soddisfavano the head.

Beijing Express-live-3. March talismans

After passing the exam have to of the market of amulets. The thais are very frightened and in this place, buy talismans against the malasorte. The couples need to share two croissants, Neapolitans with their talismans special : a tiger and a crocodile.

Beijing Express-live 3. in March, The couples according to the red book

The couples have now come to the place where the the red book. In order to do this you must the driver of the tuk convince yourself-tuk (picturesque taxis on three wheels) to you pay for the race with amulets. The first two pairs of you are The Gladiators and The Wedding Planner at the testing resistance to interference. Topfor a touch arrived third-party provider.

Beijing Express-studentFollow The Inseparable mother and daughter,The Survivors and the students.

The examination of immunity

In Thailand Khon dance as a tradition. It is a dance, the old where the protagonists they wear masks. The ballet inspired by a major epic.

Beijing-wedding planner

Max and Carolina must only very few, a few. You describes of their respective partners, hidden behind the the wall screen. Each mask receives back the few a letter. With the group of letters must you choose the name in the poem.

The Wedding Planner win the exam, and go in China. How bonus you will have dinner in a luxury restaurant and sleep in a 5-star hotel. Enzo and Carolina the disability Mom and daughter. Go last and must enjoy the show the dance khon. The other couples are order of arrival in the book in red at a distance of 4 minutes the one with the other. The next goal is the Khaosan road, the road of the tattoo artist.

Beijing Express-live 3. March to The tattoo of Angelina Jolie

Beijing angelina jolie

The Greatest Living Exorcist gives the pairs phone and a photo of Angelina Jolie. Need to-let’s say-by a tattoo artist on the spot, the name of the tattoo the actress and the importance of the first and last line prayer Buddhists are. The verses, in large lines mean “it prevents the injustice, and the punishment of”, “for good luck and attraction to the other gender”. The next stage is the Phra Sumen Fort and there are to find place where to spend the night.

Beijing Express-live-3. March accommodation

The first arrived Top and as a reward, earn a ice cold beer and a write of your loved ones. They are also the most successful, because they are easily found accommodationand the people have given to you bracelets and adorned the hair with the typical pigtails thai. The Inseparable and The best of these are located in the hospitality in the same apartment.

The Greatest Living Exorcist visited Gennaro and True have found hut in a tattoo shop. While Vera is lying spent on the, while tatuando in thai “I believe in love”, tenant announces ranking partially. To the first place there are Topin the second the Survivors and for the third The Gladiators. Mother and daughter, are The Inseparable consequences and The students.

While Enzo and Carolina you enjoy the awakening an Italian Breakfast, while the other must reach, the house of the artist Baan Silapin. Here you learn that before figuring out the next destination you need to learn, in the memory of the numbers from 1 to 10 in thai and reach, flower market.

Beijing Express-The mission to the market of the flowers

Beijing Express-live-3. March market

On the market come, flowers will have to do pairs, mission. A member of the pairin the eyes and I have to push companion on Board a basket with wheels to reach counter where to detect, a garland. For those who you wear the mask it is more complicated you plug the flowers with precision. Need a glass typical thai teathe Cha Yen,, it will be important to the the next stage is.

In the district of China Town in Bangkok, a must eat Giant Water Bugsor a insect water Park as a real treat. To help with the tea and looks down.

Beijing Express-the red carpet

The couples need to achieve, the red carpet is Wat Benchamabophit (The marble temple). In the last stage Thailadese the Wedding Planner veterans come out of their bonus.

The ehepaarğ the fourth step is, which consists of The Top. Second location for the Survivors. On the third place gladiators.

Beijing deleted inseparable

Last The Inseparable. The twins are risk delete together with The Middle School Students. Hello, mother and daughter.

The stage of elimination and The Top select delete Which are inextricably linked.

So ends Beijing Express.