Cardi B and Offset have asked for help of a priest to save their relationship


Cardi B and Offset are two well-established hip hop star international, and, despite the success, some problem has recently hit their marriage. The two artists were married in secret in September 2017, and a year later, in July 2018, have also become parents of a beautiful baby girl, Kulture.

A few months after his birth, Cardi B has, however, announced to have separated from her husband, finished in the meantime at the center of gossip for a can betrayal. She had closed the matter by declaring that: “We’re not together anymoreit will take time for the divorce, but I’ll always have much love for him because he is the father of my daughter”. The rumors about the alleged betrayal raged, and so later came the public apology of an Offset, then the couple is back together.

During an interview with Vogue AmericaCardi B has told us that, in order to overcome the crisis, it is endorsed with the whole of herself to the faith, becoming even help from a priest. “Everyone on the social network behave as if their life as a couple was perfect – said the rapper – but all of them have problems. I believe in forgiveness. There account. My husband and I have prayed that would happen. A priest he came to us. And in the end we came to the conclusion that we are just us against the world”. Now, the couple seems stronger than ever and the singer has also stated that: “He is my shoulder, I can count on your support for anything”.