Cardi B is open on the betrayal of her husband Offset, telling how he gave him a second chance


11 December 2019

No relationship is perfect, even when it comes to the two star as Cardi B and Offset.

The two rappers were married in secret in 2017 and July 2018 she was born the daughter Kulture. But five months later, Carby had announced the separation: “Non we are no longer together. It will take time for the divorce, but I’ll always have much love for him because he is the father of my daughter“he had made known to the fans, meanwhile, raged the rumors on the fact that he had cheated on her.

Were back together at the beginning of 2019 and now the 27-year-old explained, direct and honest as always, his version of the facts: “When my husband and I have had our problems, you know that he betrayed and all the rest, and I decided to stay with him and work with him, a lot of people are angry with me, a lot of women felt disappointed in me“he told Vogue.

“But this is real life. If you love someone, and stop trying to stay together, you feel depressed. Social tell you not to talk about this person because has betrayed you, but you inside you’re not happy until you face that conversation“.

Then if you go back there together – continued – you say: how could you? We’ve disappointed everyone. When you’re in a marriage for years, when you said until death do us part, you’re not talking about small disagreements such as when you leave it open the fridge. This includes every thing“.

I believe in forgiveness, I pray for it. My husband and I pray. We are us against the world: he looks at me the shoulders, and vice versa. When are you betraying, you are betraying the person that is closest. Why would you do that? We arrived to a clear agreement: for me, monogamy is the only way“.

Cardi B also spoke of the fact of being criticised for having had a daughter by the Offset, which has three other children from previous relationships: “How can that be a bad thing? My father has eight children and we all agree, we feel better, more full. And with Offset, I feel that his sons bring a lot of fun when you are in the house. I love them. And brings out different sides of him that I like to see and I love to see how my daughter interacts with her brothers“.

Finally, he talked about how social show only the most polished of life: All about social act as if the relationships were perfect… and it’s crazy for me. I have so many women around and there is always one that speaks of how much she loves her man, but that he is not financially stable, that he has problems with his mom, that sex is not like before. Each has its problems“.

When they left, Offset, had tried to regain Cardi B a big romantic gesture“disrupting a performance to provide you with over two thousand roses.

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