Cardi B makes two donations to Nigeria: an orphanage and a strip club


Donations for millions to be part of the vip’s are always something that is good, both in the world both to their own image. It is not uncommon to even have the same famous characters based directly his own charity to collect donations, taking advantage of his fame for charitable purposes.

Cardi B is a donation to a millionaire at the Lekki Orphanage

The last important donation is to associate with Cardi B: the singer of Money (fact), has donated items and equipment to millions of naira (local currency) to an orphanage in Nigeria. The Lekki Orphanage, this is the name of the structure, is located in Lagos and has benefited from the generosity and the visit to the rapper winning a Grammy.

On his Instagram, the singer has witnessed the meeting with a photo, writing under the post:

I have to thank the women and men who have raised these children that need a little more love and protection and they deserve a place, a destiny and a future which is best. People like all of you are important!

The singer covers of naira of the strippers in Lagos

But it is not finished here: Cardi B, also in Lagos, has wanted to overdo it by using way less “official”. In a strip club, the singer is set to twerkare and was entertained by the dancers of the disco, back to Naira. Launched money on the crowd below, and covered the back of the dancers, who were dancing for her. Of course, the music were the songs of Cardi B, that have framed this moment of generosity out of the box.

Politically incorrect? It will be, but the dancers come home with hundreds of naira will not sure to complain about the eccentricities of the singer. By the orphans, to the strippers, a gift is still a gift. In Nigeria for a concert, the singer said he wanted to live the “real” Nigeria, not just a hotel.