Coronavirus: the Google I/O in 2020 it is cancelled


Coronavirus: the Google I/O in 2020 it is cancelled
Image: Google

Now, he has also called on the developers of the exhibition Google I/O In the Wake of the Coronavirus, of the Convention, it may, without a replacement. The chief Pichai announced. From now on, Google, government, public schools, and that the company is offering, for a limited time only, in the video, an expanded feature of the conference, first Serve, free of charge.

1. July you can use the G-Suite roles, such as a conference centre with capacity for up to 250 people or up to 100,000 viewers in the Livestream for free. To enable the operation to keep its employees, customers, pupils, or students have to stay at home (in need).

For the price of a Ticket to The I/o 13. The march is located. And for anyone who has already started on this year’s lottery, with the chance to take part, you will be admitted to the next year automatically.