Coronavirus: The Google I/o is canceled, exhibition stand builders, make billions of dollars in losses


Google has cancelled its developer conference I/O, As the company announced on the website in the event that you have already decided on the basis of the guidelines of the U.S. center for disease control, the CDC and the world health organization (WHO) in order to have the Event at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, to fail this year.

The job market

  1. Gustav Epple Bauunternehmung GmbH, Germany
  2. The Energy Is In The South Of Bavaria GmbH, Munich

The sale of tickets and the cost exceeds 1,000 dollars, that is already in place. The buyers will receive up to 13. In march 2020, for a full refund. If you have not registered for the Google I/O, by the year 2020, which will be automatically be in the draw for a Google I/O in 2021. Tickets for the game on Google, the conference can simply be bought Because of the high demand for the purchase, you will be drawn right in.

The Google I/O, it is not the first large-scale event that is cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Before that, he met, among other things, in the Mobile World Congress, and at the Light & Building. The GDC (Game Developers Conference) has been postponed to the NVIDIA GTC has been converted into an Online Event.

Booth builders in Germany, the billions in damage

Among the family, and only the participants of the conference, as well as for those which of you to construct is The trade Association for fair trade companies, construction of Famab) has estimated the former loss at fairs and deutsche Messe Bauer, to 1,063 million Euros, so as not to suffer. All alone on the calendar for weeks nine and ten, there was a loss of 426 million euros are to be made.

In Barcelona, it is estimated that the city and escape to the failure of the MWC, with nearly half a billion euros. In the Catalan town of about 14,000 jobs in mobile, just.

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