Dark-fashion-for-Android-and-iOS-is here, as soon as you plug it in


The WhatsApp Messenger was purchased, and after an infinite long wait in the Dark, from the fashion to the Android and iOS devices. The SAME it tells you how to enable Dark Mode.

The source of the image, and the SAME

WhatsApp: Dark-fashion-for-all

Update 04.03.2020: WhatsApp officially announced the “dark mode” can be activated instantly for all users of Smartphones with Android and iOS devices. Only the most recent Version must be installed.

  • Android 10, iOS 13: In the dark mode in the settings of the system. In the Chat, then it will automatically adjust to the configuration of the mobile device.
  • Part of a 9 year old: Settings – > Chat- > Theme – > Dark

The new Version of WhatsApp will be distributed immediately to all users. Then, in the Google Play Store and the App Store, and if it is right for you.

Original Article:

From now on, users of the Beta version of WhatsApp that you can turn to Android-the-Dark fashion. After several months, if not years, of development, of Testing and speculation, the long-awaited feature is finally available. In order to obtain the Dark, the fashion the following has a Beta Version, and the Upgrade to the current Version 2.20.13-install. This is the case, then you can have the night mode is turned on in the following manner:

  • To open the settings
  • The chat is going
  • The Project
  • Bright, Dark, or a system setting-enable

Once you have it set to “Dark” or “system configuration” you can activate the Mode in the Dark. You don’t have to close the App. The Design changes right away. If the “system setup” choose WhatsApp, as the Dark Mode on your Smartphone. Have you used the night mode on, WhatsApp is always dark. Sometimes you have to set up, Backups will be displayed, depending on the time of day, with a light or dark Design.

So dark, in a Chat on (the source of the image: the SAME).

Even if it is only a Beta Version, it will work without a problem. All the colors are well matched. The error we have encountered so far, it’s not. The first impression is very good, in any case.

These WhatsApp Tricks that you need.

Why should you use it in the Dark-a fashion Chat?

In the Dark, the fashion the following has two great advantages:

  • The readability of the content in low-light conditions will be greatly improved. The colors are simply pleasant, that one is not caught.
  • We have also improved the battery life of a smartphone with an OLED Screen.

Facebook has done it, finally, in order to enable the Dark Mode in the Chat so the users can happen. Thus, the Distribution is expected to be at the right place, in the final Version, and then also for apple iphone. If you want to use in the Dark, fashion of WhatsApp on your Android phone or tablet, and then, the SAME it says in the article, and how you can get the Beta to install.