Did he have a cold? To Natti Natasha he scored their two friends with this white top


Natti Natasha dura hard again to give what to talk about with this spicy video, this time you passed!

Natti Natasha made it very clear that his relationship with the famous singer of the genre urban, Daddy Yankee this is only a friendship, in fact, more than friendship she considers part of her family and the one who stretched forth his hand, when his career was about to come crashing down.

Now there are rumours that the couple Natti it could be her manager, but she does not says it in all of the pictures look too close together!

Famous of the reggaeton gathered recently at a party where apparently everyone had a blast, everyone was thrilled when it sounded like a musical theme, known, as the interpreters were present as something went.

Apparently Natti Natasha the became of wonder, of course, she was accompanied by her supposed love Raphy Pinaand also he was seen dancing very lively in full party.

Their movements wowed everyone who looked at her, then, this little girl is marked completitas his two friends up how much heat stir Natti!