Ergo K860 keyboard: Logitech ergonomic keyboard cost 120 Euro


Since January, the 2020 is available IN the united states, Ergo it K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard, it comes under the more compact name, I Lift up K860 the keyboard to the war. Logitech sells a keyboard in this country at a price of 120 euros (in the case of the first merchants to stock. Starting from the 9th. March 2020, to provide you with the keyboard from Amazon or any other retailer.

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For a number of years, Logitech had shared on the market for ergonomic keyboards with split key field (s) being avoided. With the Rise K860 the keyboard, the manufacturer shall enter in that market with a competing product to Microsoft, the Surface area of the Ergonomic Keyboard (Testing). The basic principle is the same for both types, the products are mainly aimed at people who are writing in ten-finger system.

In the letter, the box is divided in half: one-half of all the keys typed with the left Hand, and, on the other hand, the right Hand side. So in the middle of the keyboard is the biggest. So that the joints are to be protected by the pulses needs to be less sharply bent and as straight as possible on the keyboard for the rest. The keyboard uses flat keys of a Chiclet Design with a small Hub to allow you to Write with very little effort.

Ergo K860 the keyboard you can lift up the front part of the

As is the case with the Microsoft keyboard, Logitech’s competition, it has a cushioned palm rest. Unlike the Microsoft product, the keyboard of the Logitech, you can raise the front of the building in order to achieve a more comfortable position for your wrists. The pictures of the German keyboard, the Logitech doesn’t have a single line of function keys. It is only to recognize that a number of special keys.

The pictures of the product show that the button assignment in the Logitech model, this corresponds to a classic keyboard. This would be especially true in the case of the ergonomic keyboards is the norm, but it is not always the case. The user of an ergonomic keyboard in order to use this, because of the ten-finger system, you usually not looking at the keys. A Change in the button layout, then it leads to problems in the operation. In particular, the control block above the cursor keys can be used for the control of a program, or a text.

Ergo K860 Keyboard (Photo: Logitech)

The Logitech keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth wireless technology or a USB cable to the Dongle with wireless technology. A more convenient way to switch between multiple devices, they should be able to. Those who use the keyboard for multiple computers-this can be controlled with the keyboard, without the need to make some changes to it. But it would also be possible to connect the keyboard to your Tablet or smart phone, to be able to get tickets. On the Surface, the Ergonomic Keyboard does not provide such a possibility.

As well as the Microsoft keyboard, the new Logitech is powered by two AAA batteries. Therefore, the users should also be able Logitech keyboard for up to two years without having to change the battery type. As is the case with the Microsoft keyboard there’s no Trackpad on the keyboard is, in fact, you would find it comfortable in the free area of the two keypad halves of the seat. A key light is, apparently, also are not available.

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