Fashion autumn 2019: Cardi B launches the trend more strange than you can imagine


We thought we have seen them all really with the pants monogamba Balmain catwalk at Paris Fashion Week in September; Cardi B, however, has definitely exceeded the limits of originality with his latest two tone look, thus defining the trend in the most strange fashion autumn 2019.

The rapper attended the event Forces of Fashion in New York, in the presence of Anna Wintourwearing a pantsuit in the skin, half turquoise and half caramel color. The look, created by the american designer Sally Lapointe for his spring-summer collection 2020, it was seen on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in September 2019.

The suits-two-tone Sally Lapointe catwalk in New York

The original combination of colors has met the taste eccentric Cardi B (do you remember the Met Gala, 2019?) he completed the outfit with a pair of stilettos white leather. For the beauty look, the rapper has dared to a manicure yellow Twetty and chose an eyeshadow of the same turquoise blue of the transparent top worn under a suit that is two-tone.

The american star is among the stars of Hustler, the movie with Jennifer Lopez output on 7 November in all the Italian theatres.