Four of the AVM FRITZ!A repeater to get the lab Upgrade


The company, AVM now has four of the FRITZ!A repeater with a laboratory version of the FRITZ!In THE kitchen. Anyone who already has a lab-version of the FRITZ!The OS on your FRITZ!The box has been installed, run the Update automatically and install it directly from the user interface. WPA3, the improvement of the Mesh Guidance, a support for the 160 MHz Channel bandwidths, and more of the MVA is called in the Changelog. The new lab version for the models of the FRITZ!Repeater 3000, for the FRITZ!Repeaters 2400, FRITZ!Transponder to 1200, as well as the on the FRITZ!The repeater 1750E thought. As always, the lab-Firmware will contain not only new features, it also errors can be included as well.