Google also said that developers ‘ conference, is due to a Coronavirus


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Google also said that developers ‘ conference, is due to a Coronavirus

Developer conferences are a very important part of the business, the big Technology companies. There, you can provide your new product, and you can create your Image. Now, however, the Coronavirus raises the risk of years of the mess played in the proceedings.

The Coronavirus crisis that leads to the Technology companies this year, as usual the stage for their big announcements. The Facebook, also Google has said that its planned to be held in may, the conference for developers in California.

You are going to find other ways in order to keep the developers in an interview said that the Google. At the conference Google I/O this year, it was 12. 14. Can be provided in the vicinity of the group Headquarters, in Mountain View.

With the developers conference for several Thousand participants from all over the world, and is one of the most important Events for the company’s Technology. Here, you you you you to introduce new products, give you insight into the strategy and look for the contact partners in the country. Especially in a time of increasing pressure on the regulatory bodies, they also are important in shaping the public Image of the company.

Facebook has said there are only a few days to a week before the Google I/O scheduled a developer conference, F8. In addition, the Software vendor Adobe and the graphics card specialist Nvidia strokes his big annual Meeting.

Microsoft’s developer conference Build, on the other hand, is, as before, to the 19. 21. May in Seattle is planned. However, the Software group warned that there could be Changes in and around the Seattle just a few Covid have been confirmed-19-disease. Apple has not made any comments in the meantime, you still have the developer conference WWDC, which traditionally passes in the beginning of the month of June, in the Valley of the Silicon-on-stage.

According to the announcements from the developers conference, the companies are likely to have to pick up the broadcasts of live performances of the new products, and any other announcements. The some Smartphone supplier after the termination of the mobile exhibition the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February next year. However, the focus of the media was maintained, and in many cases, the smaller-than-usual.