Google I/O in 2020 it is cancelled


Google has cancelled yesterday, are already on the Cloud next to the year 2020, and we will be in the next Event, the next Google I/O in 2020, and in may, will not take place. The reason, the Coronavirus is, and we are already ahead of the curve in this step. Google is now working on a Plan on how to stop the ads, and developers in connection may occur.

There is likely to be one or the other of the Event Online with a live stream, because, in addition to the Sessions for the developers, is the Google Pixel, the 4th in the room, it will give you an 11 on Android, and I find that I have more on the way, and maybe even a new Hardware Wizard. We will keep you up-to-date.

What Apple is doing with WWDC?

Currently, Apple is the WWDC this year, which takes place in June or wait it out. This is usually announced at the beginning of March, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to me, it’s hard when it happens. You don’t have to now, to announce the “luxury” of the Event in the first place, then you would have to cancel it.

I think we’re going to look at the first half of the year and in 2020 to no Event of that type, even if some of the broadcasters and (3) have to wait and see. The site must not relax in the summer, so it would be all the more in the fall, and the IFA in Berlin, which is of fundamental importance. We, 2020 a year without major Events for Technology?

Fuchsia, THE, Google is making progress

Google-Pixel-4 In The Android Header

We will report here from time to time about the “Fuchsia OS, a new operating system developed by Google. It is not yet clear that Google is perfectly in order. In the summer of 2018 at the earliest, it was the turn of the Fuchsia will replace that in the long run, even on Android…1. March 2020 →READ on



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