Google’s developer conference, Google I/O, due to the Coronavirus – 03.03.20 News


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To the Front of the Google offices in Manhattan, New York city.

To the Front of the Google offices in Manhattan, New York city.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW (dpa-AFX) – According to the Facebook (Facebook share) also, Google the Alphabet of The share) scheduled to take place in may for a conference for developers in California is due to the Coronavirus at risk of being cancelled. The Internet group will consider, at the time, in other ways, in order to keep the developers in an interview, a spokesman for Google, said on Tuesday that, among other things, of the technology blog “The Verge” and “CNET”. At the conference Google I/O, in order to reach several Thousand participants from all over the world, and it is the most important Event of the year for the company.

The Google I/O, it should be a 12 this year. 14. This can take place in the vicinity of Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View. Facebook said a few days ago, in the week preceding the scheduled conference for developers of F8. Apple To Apple (To Share) not given above, for the developer event, WWDC, which traditionally passes in the beginning of the month of June at this stage./thus,/PA/fba

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