Grammy Awards year 2020, it is viral, the reaction of Billie Eilish to win the Album of the year. And appointment of Ariana Grande…


Billie Eilish and the reaction to the victory of the prize “Album of the year” (video)

To be low man of the Grammy Awards 2020 was Billie Eilish. But the video that became viral was that of thanksgiving in the collect the prize “Album of the year“.

Billie Eilish did not deserve to win so many awards and in his speech on the acceptance of the Album of the Year, Eilish came to the point to say that in reality, Ariana Grande deserved the award for Thank U, Next,.

The camera has framed the reaction of the Great, among the audience, shaking hands and sent a kiss to the Eilish.

“I think that Thank you Next deserved the prize for Album of the year, more than any other thing in the world. I adore you so much.”

Great and Eilish have had several Grammy nominations, and Eilish has won five of the six: Album of the Year (When We All Fall Addleep, Where Do We Go?), Song of the Year (“Bad Guy”), Best New Artist , Record of the Year (“Bad Guy”) and Best Pop Vocal Album. The only award he has not won was the best solo performance pop (“Bad Guy”). This is gone to Use for “Truth hurts”.

Despite not having won any Grammy’s, via social Ariana has ensured that he had enjoyed very much:

And it is viral, the reaction of the Billie Eilish to find they have won the award “Album of the year”…