he announced his retirement in the name of the family


2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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By, Nickitell the truth, that this your announcement of withdrawal from the scenes it is only a quip for torturarci a bit then go back in a month, or more, as they say in the jargon, “drop” another one of your powerful pieces. As you do, in fact, to imagine the first female rapper in the history of music able to sell more of one hundred million copiesbetween albums and singles, to abandon the career to step into the shoes of a more or less desperate housewife? And yet, at least at the moment, Nicki Minaj it was withdrawn, and has done so for, as he wrote in a tweet that has thrown into despair true millions of fans, “his family”.

Already, because the same girl who has quarreled with all of them, from Mariah Carey, which in 2014 led American Idolup to the colleague-rival Cardi B (with which, however, the matter has become decidedly more wild, with a lot of the fight taken from dozens of smartphone), today it is tame as a fawn, and has eyes and heart only for her future husband Kenneth Petty. Unrecognizable, sweet and romantic, she, that during his disk he had for all (the epic of his attack, and Drake, called the “complainer”) Minaj has changed all of the log, and the microphones of the program Queen Radio said: “I found what I was fighting, the happiness; it was hard to get it, now I don’t want to risk compromising it for anything or anyone”.

This decision (we’ll see if a final judgment or not, but in the name of all the badass of the world, we hope very strong that it is) comes, moreover, just a few days from the release of what is, without a doubt, the best piece rap female of the year, and that is, that Hot Girl Summer, signed by Megan Thee Stallion, a rising star of hip-hop done by women who in the face of those who would proibirglielo are not afraid to talk about anything, and featuring crazy Nicki. In short, at 36 years of age, with a career since 2010 and 2018 has seen placing his four albums on the podium of the us charts with a slew of awards from the dizziness, and with the distinction of having won the recognition of Best Female Hip-Hop Artist for 7 consecutive years, from 2010 to 2016, thus becoming the first and only artist to do so in the history of the show, it was not thought certain that it was concerned to cancel the job in the name of the family. Yet, it seems to be so, and, despite feeling already the vacuum that will leave the most irreverent, revolutionary, politically incorrect, provocative, extreme and insane artist made in the USA, we are happy for her.