I don’t know her or her mother! Becky G-changing face with Photoshop!


As we have seen over the last few months, it seems that Becky G he has acquired a taste for the touch-up aesthetic. In fact, just a few days ago we were able to see as The Angelssurely with the excuse of celebrating his 23 birthday, decided to go to the surgeon to increase the volume of your lips.

A tweak rather than add to their already long list. Little is left of those young that began to emerge in the music industry in terms of its appearance. However, while many applaud this type of changes, many are also those who have remained with the mouth open to see one of his latest photos on Instagram.

The photo of Becky G

And is that, for a lot of that is a picture that has not emerged, published in his official account, but in one of the managed by his followers, it is evident that the singer has given his ok.

A photo that can be presented in the courses of photo retouching, as a clear example of the wonders that may get with the Photoshop. It is no secret that each and every one of the celebrities pulling this program to look better in their photos, but in this case it is clear that Becky G it has gone hand in hand. And in what way.

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birthday cake ?

A publication shared Becky G (@imthebeckyg) the

As much as the dress has given a lot to talk about, it is your face that has generated the most comments in the social networks. Among other things because, as pointed out by some of his followers, “doesn’t seem it.”

Looking at the image, it costs a lot does not give the reason. Hence they can be read in the forums and in the networks that already circulating the image in question, many comments of this style.

What a beast”, “what Is Becky G? Not the I recognize”, “You’ve spent three peoples”, “Mother of mine if it is what a way to fool yourself”, “mind-blowing”, “It’s worse than the Kardashian” or “Becky G she is starting to go in the pot, and truth” these are just some of them.