“I spent my scepter to Cardi B”, snubbed by Nicki Minaj


Lil Kim has never had too much sympathy for Nicki Minaj, and in a new interview, the femcee historical seems to confirm this thesis.

Lil kim cardi b

Kim will soon publish the new album, 9, expected for several years, next October 11. A disc that will surely not fail to attract the attention of his work, 90, and 2000, but that certainly is a positive sign, after so many years of absence from the scene.

For Lil Kim the baton has been passed to Cardi B, and not to Nicki Minaj, that she has always been a sort of “copy”.

A stretch for us! For qhow can we hate Nicki Minaj, it was Nicki to bring back the rap female in vogue, after which many artists, such as Kim, Trina, Missy, couldn’t more have an impact on the charts modern.

Certainly, Cardi B is now living his big moment, but not forget the big hits obtained from Nicki, and his flow is fantastic on some of the pieces.

Here is the complete interview with Lil Kim for her album 9